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"It's All About You" Empower Your Girl 10 week program for Mom & Daughters, connects women and girls with their passions.

Discover how you can create, the LIFE you WANT.

The Empower Your Girl Mom & Daughters Program is packed with tools and insight, for both, to self-manage; equipping Moms and Daughters with massive CONFIDENCE; to live life with satisfaction and fulfillment.

With over a 100 minutes in videos and 200 printable digital pages, Melinda Rae teaches both Moms and Daughters each lesson over 10 weeks. She relates each lesson plan to Moms and Daughters by providing inspiring insight, knowledge and candid stories. With easy to follow guides and prompts from Melinda Rae; Moms and Daughters easily navigate the next 10 weeks feeling encouraged.

Moms and Daughters will discover their uniqueness, love and begin to see life with a positive and hopeful outlook; strengthening the original "love" relationship--creating a strong bond.

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GIP Revolution, Inc. is motivated to help more people have self-compassion and mindfulness for a sustainable society. Empower Your Girl Mom & Daughter Programs is a product of GIP Revolution, Inc. and for the very first time is being made available to the public for home use. GIP Mom & Daughter Program has been facilitated through the sister company, GIP Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Our mission is to support people within our society to unlock their true potential for greatness, operate with love and empathy for others, and to maintain a positive mindset in their daily lives.

Our vision is for people to be inspired to bring about a positive change,  to experience an increase in motivation, and a desire to keep moving forward for success.

We do this by creating and delivering life-changing and uplifting products and services. We help by supporting the skill-building workshops provided by the Girls in Power “Program” operated by the sister company, GIP Foundation, Inc., through the sales of Empower Your Girl products. The intention is to generate funding, so that GIP Foundation, Inc. can deliver the program for free to undeserved and at-risk youth and families.

The GIP “Program” builds thoughtful, purpose-driven youth across all socio-economics and provides at-risk youth with a road-map for success throughout their lives.

"We can all feel bad and beat ourselves up, over our short comings, by judging ourselves and by defensively protecting our egos" (Breines, 2012).

Having self-compassion leads:

  • You arriving at your destination – Greatness
  • Built in optimism and acceptance of oneself and others
  • Increased motivation and superior performance
  • Validation of positive qualities you have within you